Tips To Help You Unclog A Plumbing Blockage In Your Home

Posted on: 4 October 2017


When a drain or toilet in your home becomes clogged or backs up, your mind will be focused on getting it fixed and cleaned up as soon as possible so you can resume your normal life. Here are some tips to guide you through this repair process and what you can expect.

Use Your Plumbing Skills

When you first encounter a clog in your plumbing, whether it is in the toilet or drain, you should try to remove the blockage using traditional methods first. Use a plunger on your toilet, making sure your toilet has a flange, or cup, on the interior of the plunger. This flange helps unclog lines inside your toilet.

If your clog is in a sink drain, you can use a plunger that has no flange to clear the line. If you are trying to use a plunger on a double sink, make sure you have someone hold a sink plug over the other drain to prevent the air pressure from escaping up the other drain.

If a plunger does not remove the blockage, you can pour a drain cleaner into the drain. Or you can use a non-chemical method to clear the line with a plumber's snake, which you can find at most home improvement stores. Connect the plumber snake on to your power drill and feed the snake through the line. When you turn on the drill, move the snake back and forth in the line to clear the blockage.

Call a Professional

When you have tried all you can and your plumbing clog is still present, you can call a professional plumber. Professional plumbers have access to commercial-sized plumbing snakes that are longer and have more power to remove larger clogs deeper in the line.

A professional plumber will also have access to a camera they can feed down through your sewer line to determine where the blockage is occurring and help them clear the line. This can be helpful when the blockage is in a deep area of your home pluming system or your sewer line is aging and has begun to deteriorate and collapse, contributing to the clog.

As your plumber inspects the line during the clean out, they can determine the condition of your sewer line and if it needs to be replaced. You can replace the sewer line using one of various excavation techniques, depending on your budget and needs. A plumber, like one from Royal-T-Rooter Service, can recommend repair options for the plumbing repair and can give you an estimate of the cost and what to expect during the repair process.