Repainting Your Kitchen's Cabinets White

Posted on: 12 January 2015

White is a great choice for your kitchen cabinets if your goal is a clean, traditional look. While it will take a few hours to finish your painting project, it's well worth the time. It's important that you do some prep work in advance of starting to paint, so you will need to gather the necessary tools and supplies. In the end, you'll have transformed your dull kitchen into a brighter, more inviting space.
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Benefits Of Winter Tree Trimming

Posted on: 6 January 2015

As a time of unfettered growth, many homeowners think to have their trees trimmed in the spring or early summer. After all, it is in spring and summer when branches lengthen to areas of the property over the house and power lines. However, there are many reasons why winter trimming can be better for trees and property owners as well.  Winter Trimming Can Be Healthier for Trees For many trees, winter pruning is as healthy--if not healthier--than pruning during the growing season.
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Three Reasons Why Cedar Roofing Is A Sustainable Choice For Your Home

Posted on: 31 December 2014

You love the look of cedar shingles, but you're concerned that using cedar may not be the best choice for the environment. Although there are many different types of sustainable roofing available, cedar can be a good and environmentally-wise choice for building and roofing materials. Here are three reasons why cedar is a great choice for both the look of your home and your commitment to green living. 1. Most cedar shingles come from sustainable forestry practices and harvesting.
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How Clean Drain Outlets Can Keep A Flat Metal Roof In Good Shape

Posted on: 23 December 2014

Rainwater is detrimental to a flat metal roof when it sits for extended periods of time. However, there are drain outlets on the roof that can prevent ponding water from happening. In this article, you will learn how drain outlets can keep your clean flat metal roof in good shape, and how to get more durability with waterproofing. How Can Clean Drain Outlets Keep a Flat Metal Roof in Good Shape?
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