How To Repair Your Roof's Fascia

Posted on: 7 October 2016

The style of your roofline is very dependent on the fascia board. As the name indicates, the fascia is the board that faces outward, so it is the most visible. Not only is the fascia an important aesthetic element, but it is also vital to the structure of your roofline. If your fascia is sagging, rotted, waterlogged, peeling, fading or warped, your entire roofline will look older. This article explains the best way to patch and repair wooden fascia boards.
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How Custom Iron Gates Bring A Touch Of Class To Your Deer Camp

Posted on: 20 September 2016

Custom gates are a great way to add class to any home or property: even property as simple as a deer camp. If you're looking to give your deer camp a style upgrade, consider a custom iron gate. Understanding the benefits of a gate, as well as logo design and vine-growth promotion, can help you create a truly unique style. The Major Benefits Of A Custom Iron Gate Purchasing a custom iron gate for your deer camp is a major investment, but it offers you a variety of benefits.
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Ideas for Getting Rid of Messy Electrical Cords

Posted on: 29 August 2016

There is no reason for unsightly electric cords to be visible in the modern home. With some creative changes and the help of a residential electrician, you can find a solution for your specific challenge. The following ideas can help. Install elevated wall plugs Dangling cords from wall mounted televisions aren't just unsightly, they are also dangerous. A child could pull on them and bring the TV down. Instead, hire an electrician to install an outlet directly behind the TV so there is no dangling cord.
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How to Install a French Drain

Posted on: 8 August 2016

If your basement floods when you get a lot of rain, the solution may be to install an interior French drain system. Heavy rain causes the water table to rise under your home. When that happens, water seeps through the floor and walls of your foundation. Since it's difficult to predict the weather, you never know when you'll suddenly have to deal with a flood situation. A French drain will permanently solve the problem and keep your basement dry enough that you can use it for storage or living space.
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